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Finally had time to clean up the 330is... May. 8th, 2010 @ 11:12 pm
I spent a little time yesterday and a today cleaning 21 years of accumulated filth off of the E30's paint.

...let's just say that the car is now a different color. :)

...full size pics and some commentary behind the cut.Collapse )

BMW 745 Li Dec. 20th, 2009 @ 02:29 pm

ВОСТОРГ ЗНАЧИТ BMW! Oct. 7th, 2009 @ 10:23 pm
Восторг. Это слово – фундамент компании, которая ни от кого не зависит и ответственна только перед одним: перед водителем. Мы не просто создаем автомобили. Мы создаем эмоции. Мы способны воодушевлять, очаровывать и приводить в восторг. Мы находим новые формы восторга, которые невозможно описать словами. Мы – это реальное воплощение чувства удовольствия за рулем.

В то время как другие только стараются понять, что такое увлеченность, мы уже давно стали источником ее пробуждения. Наша основа – это инновации, а восторг – это наше сердце. И так будет всегда. Мы делаем восторг еще больше. Мы придаем ему больше интеллекта. Мы подстегиваем его, анализируем и обновляем. Делаем его более эффективным, более динамичным. Мы даем миру ключ к познанию чувства восторга. И пока другие пытаются обещать все, мы обещаем лишь одно. Самое индивидуальное, прекрасное и человечное из всех чувств. Чувство восторга. И именно оно является нашей движущей силой.

windshield wiper motor May. 30th, 2009 @ 09:50 pm
my windshield wiper motor burnt out... has anyone ever heard of this happening- on any car, ever?! how ridiculous!!

This past weekend Apr. 20th, 2009 @ 09:10 am
I did my first autocross in my '91 318i. Sooo much fun. I did well--lost the course a little on the first run, then never did it again after that. Also never hit a cone, and for a relatively slow car and for a first timer, my times weren't too shappy.

Here's the video:

And pics here

Loved it, and I wanna do it again and again!
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» (No Subject)
Anyone have a white, plastic bumper E30 coupe with a blown engine that they want to get rid of? I'm not picky, aside from it needing to not have serious rust...
» What price to ask for a TLC 1984 325e
I have a grey 1984 BMW 325e, manual, leather seats, sunroof, power everything. It's getting to really have a lot of quirks and making me wonder if it is time to replace it.

Anyways, I know I'm new really but I'm thinking of changing cars and hoping people can tell me what I might be able to ask for my car. I've loved my BMW but it's 24 years old now, it's starting to show it's age, it has a ton of quirks that at this point it seems to be a throw money at it and see if that fixes it and I don't think the car is worth it (money wise. Car is worth way more to me than I think I could get for it but at the same time I'm starting to wonder if it's had its day). Granted it runs fine (though it's kind of illegal to drive it sine it doesn't ahve a working speedo).

But, my problem is if I do sell it I have absolutely no clue what to ask for it. At the moment it's got issues. I'm not sure I could even get all those issues fixed before I sold it (some are wierd things that end up in the throw money in it catagory).

Here's a list of the little good and much bad about my carCollapse )

So, my dad seems to think that some how I'll get 1500 for this wreck (it does run well I think once we replace that battery. I'd be getting the battery issue resolved at least before I sold it so I could at least say it runs). Roommie seems to think I'll be lucky to get 500 (before I checked autotrader I was more with roommate). I've looked around to see what old e30's go for on autotrader (had to say look at all the country to find any) and noticed the cheapest was at 1200 and it had a needs a little of TLC to make it perfect in the description. Otherwise they all were above 2000 with many around 3000 asking price (these were 84-86's).

Oh, I'm in Washington and there is all but one BMW for sale on autotrader within 500 miles (BMWs are not common here. I had a hard time finding one when I bought it as well).

Anyways, appreciate any responses on worth of car (or even if you some how can figure out any solutions to problems listed).
It really bothers me in movies/commercials/shows where someone is wanted to go faster and need MORE power and they shift UP a gear. B/C heck yea 6th gear is known for its power curve.

This bother anyone else?

That is why I love favorite movie so much since it appears he shifts properly.
» Tabitha had some work done
My most commonly told joke about my husband is this-- Someone holds a gun to his head and says "I'm gonna change your oil, or I'm gonna sleep with your wife." My husband looks at me and says "Baby, do you mind?"

With that said, I love that he can and will fix anything. Over the past coupla months or so he's done the following to my lil '91 e30 Glamour Puss:

  • Put on Powerflex control arm bushings with new control arms

  • New tie rod ends

  • New rack boots

  • New differential mount

  • New exhaust system

  • New water pump

  • New AC idler pulley

  • New alternator bushings

  • A shot of R12

  • New valve cover and lower sump gaskets

  • Put Time-Serts in a couple of stripped holes

  • Electric primary fan and thermostatic fan controller

  • New front spoiler

  • New fog lights

  • New rotors and pads front and rear

  • New clutch hydraulics

  • New hoses and belts

  • New front wheel bearing, filters and fluids

  • One wheel roundel

I am a lucky, lucky gal.

PurrrrrrrCollapse )
» new member
thought i'd intro myself ... i have two e46's...
1. 1999 328i silver/gray
2. 2005 330Ci orient blue/black w brown
subtle mods on the coupe.

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